Product Sourcing

Manufacturers from China and Vietnam

Why work with us?

Reduce your costs

China and Vietnam are the manufacturing capitals of the world. There you can find any product at the best prices. Give your company the competitive advantage it needs.

Team in China and Vietnam

All the processes of your company in Asia are supervised physically. We offer transparency and constant communication.

Logistic Experience

We are teamed up with professionals with years of experience transporting different kinds of cargos. We deliver your product directly at your door.

Services we offer

Product Sourcing

We find a manufacturer for your product in China or Vietnam. Our team has years of experience negotiating with factories and supervising productions. You won't have to worry about quality anymore.

We negotiate with factories

Doing business in Asia is doing business in a completely new world. Our purchase team consists of locals with years of experience negotiating with factories. This way we assure low prices and assure good communication.

Import directly to your warehouse

Importing products from abroad may be frustrating and confusing. We do all the heavy lifting for you. We support in the transportation, quality check, and negotiation of your merchandise in China.

Receive your quotation

Escríbenos para entender tus necesidades. Te contactaremos dentro de 24 horas.

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